Am I able to drive into Malaysia?

Yes, you are able to drive into Malaysia at no added cost.

Is servicing and maintenance provided?

Yes, servicing and maintenance are provided. Lumens Auto will cover all servicing and maintenance when you rent from us.

Can I return the car temporarily when I go for holidays?

With our Annual Leave Package (ALP) you may apply for leave should you choose to go on vacation, at no added cost. And yes, we cover the rental for you while you enjoy your vacation.

If I’m involved in an accident, will I get a replacement vehicle?

Lumens Auto will provide a replacement vehicle when you get into an accident. That way, you get to carry on earning and making money with minimum downtime.

How long is the contract duration?

Our contract duration ranges from 1 to 12 months.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit to drive off is only $500.

Will I be charged for towing should I require any towing services?

For breakdown due to mechanical issues, towing services are provided by the company at no additional charges. For towing services due to tyre issues, there will be a charge to the driver. It is advisable for the driver to do a pre-drive check on the vehicles tyres. Should the tyre visually indicate signs of wear or damage, please call our hotline or drive safely to our authorized tyre partner.

A 24 hours hotline is available should there be any breakdown or accident.